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Comprehensive Bookkeeping

Our financial services begin with stage one – bookkeeping. We like to start with the basics of your business so we can gain a full understanding about your day to day operations. If needed, we can clean up your past records and get them on track to keep you moving forward. Once this organization is achieved, we will oversee all financial transactions and data to ensure compliance is maintained. A full set of financial statements will then be created on a monthly basis to provide you with peace of mind. 


Financial statement Analysis

From the financial statements, your trusted advisor will then create a detailed analysis, customized to your business. The purpose of this analysis is to be proactive in providing insight for how your business activities can be improved upon and streamlined for further growth and in ultimately maximizing profits. 


Financial Advisory

Every business is different. We will not place yours in a cookie cutter and suggest run of the mill solutions for your operations and activities. By believing that creative thinking and problem solving are critical skills in the success of any undertaking, we will always provide a solid sounding board for your ideas and eager to provide you with potential solutions of our own.

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If you would like further details of what we do here at Legit Ledgers, please visit our Services page for a comprehensive list of current offerings.

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